Guns of Boom
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Guns of Boom Features

Rating: 4.5
Number of voters: 40338
Minimum iOS Version: 9.0
App Version: 2.7.2
App Size: 475 MB
Release: 2017-05-16
Sold by: Game Insight UAB
Features: iosUniversal
Advisories: Frequent/Intense Realistic Violence, Frequent/Intense Cartoon or Fantasy Violence, Frequent/Intense Mature/Suggestive Themes
Languages: NL, EN, FR, DE, IT, PT, RU, ES, TR

Instructions - Know how to do it

Today Users want to use any application and game on any device or system they own or can get. Various ways are existing to get an application and many possibilities to use or play an application or game on a computer (Windows PC, Mac etc.) or other devices (Mobile, Tablets etc.)

Users should pay great attention that it is not always safe to gain all these options if they have no credible or official sources to purchase / aquire their applications. This instructions should help you to learn how to side load apps, to understand what an .apk-file is and how you can use it to your benefits without any risk. Moreover we will assist you to get various applications originally made for Android or iOS to run on your Windows PC or Mac desktop computer. Finally you will find help to remove apps from your device (Android, iOS, Windows Phone etc.), if you don´t need them any moreLearn to get and run Android Apps on a Windows-PC or Mac:

At first it seems impossible to use apps and play games originally created for mobile plattforms like Android or iOS. But new possibilities to even do that are available to everyone.

Games developed for running on mobile devices might be played on your Windows-PC or Mac by simply getting a software program named "Bluestacks". This program needs to be installed on your computer to run mobile apps and games on your desktop system.

Bluestacks App Player

To run mobile applications and games on your computer, the installation of the bluestacks software is required. Bluestacks gives you the possibility to get, install and run any kind of games and apps made for smartphones or tablets. If you wish to get apps made for mobile phones, then you must have the bluestacks app installed on your computer. Bluestacks app allows the user to get and install any kind of game made for smartphones.

Bluestacks can be easily obtained with the help of the application´s own website. This app player is an absolutely safe way to use mobile apps and different versions for all types of computers are available. Bluestacks does not do any more than giving your Windows-PC or Mac the possibility to run emulators, necessary to run the described mobile applications and games instantly.

For instant starting to use mobile applications you need to install Bluestacks app player on your system. The emulator will allow you to link to your "Google account". As described, without Bluestacks it is impossible to run apps on your PC.

You can get the Bluestacks App Player by simply following this easy steps:

Before getting the app, you need to have an emulator on your PC. This emulator is a third party app, which allows you to link your Google account. Without this app, it would be impossible to run and get the app made for smartphones to your computers. You can get the bluestacks app by following the step given below:

  • Use your web browser to go to the Bluestacks App Player Website
  • Get the Emulator by clicking on "Get App Player"
  • Installation will automatically begin
  • Open the Bluestacks App Player
  • Login into your "Google account"

Android Emulators

Let´s first explain what an emulator is: emulators are software or hardware that allow a computer system to act like it is another system, for example another operating system or another hardware. Initially emulators are used for example by developers of Android and iOS applications for testing out design and models. But now it is also available for the "ordinary" user to use Android apps on their desktop computer. Using emulators allows to enjoy any mobile application on a desktop-PC:

Good emulaotrs you might try out are:

  • Andy
  • ARChon
  • Bliss
  • Android Studio

Mostly emulators are free to use software. We recommend Android Studio as it is a Google approved software and offers many more benefits.PC Ports

What is a PC Port? These are the ports used to connect the PC to another device (e.g. a mobile device). It serves a connection beteen your Windows-PC or Mac and antoher device and allows the user to gain access to various features and applications.How to get Android Apps on a smartphone or tablet?

You can easily install an Android app or game on a smartphone or tablet. Android users might use the Google Play Store, that offers all necessary applications. Just follow this simple step by step instructions:

  • Open Google Play Store on your smartphone
  • Choose form the wide range of mobile application shown
  • Simply tap on the desired app what will take you to its specific "page"
  • If you would finally like to install the app click on the "get" button
  • The application will start to install in its own

Thanks to Google Play Store installing apps is very easy to handle, even for beginners. Moreover Android users have the possibilty to get the .apk files for installing apps on their smartphone.Google Play Store On the Web

Google Play Store on the web is an useful extension of the Google Play Store app for Android smartphones. The website can be accessed through the web-browser of your computer. Features are nearly the same like using the app version.

Users are able to sign-in with their "Google Account" to get more information about apps already installed / used and to define their preferences.

The Website offers a complete list of apps you will find in the store, including extensive possibilities to search for desired applications.App Stores offered by 3rd parties

Third Party App Stores have developed into one of the most popular and easiest ways to get apps on your smartphone or computer. 3rd party App Stores are usually websites you can access through your web-browser. Some developers offer their own apps, where various developers and users can offer applications.

This 3rd party App Stores give the user the possibility to get the unlocked version of various apps and even offer some paid applications sometimes for free. Everyone should decide by himself or herself if he or she wants to use critical sources like this instead of the official Android Play Store and iOS AppStore. Using this kind of App Stores might be dangerous in many different ways.Learn to "Side-Load"an App

“Sideloading apps” explains the possibility to install and use an application without going through the respective certification process. It simply means that you install an .apk-file (apk stands for "Android Package Kit") to your smartphone. These files can be got from any website or other sources. Getting an .apk-file directly is an easy way for getting apps, if the .apk comes from a credible and safe source (e.g. websites).
Different websites might offer different mirrors where .apk-files might be aquired. Simply use on of the mirror links by clicking or taping on one of them.
For " Sideloading apps" it is furthermore necessary to make sure that the installation of 3rd party apps is allowed int the settings of your smartphone.

But even if there are so many possibilities, always remember to only use safe and reliable sources for getiign your desired .apk-files so that you are not in danger of installing various kinds of viruses to your device an to reig your device. The installation of an antivirus app on your Android device should be mandatory to you to be safe at all times without taking a risk.Finally - Deleting Apps on different systems

Deleting Android-Apps:

  1. Go to Menu "Settings" and choose Apps or Application Manager;

  2. Swipe down to "Get" and choose the App you want to delete;

  3. Choose "De-Install" Button and confirm by tapping "OK". The App is going to be deleted and the icon will disappear from your homescreen immediately.

Deleting iOS-Apps:

  1. To delete an iPhone or iOS App you have to go to the homescreen;

  2. Look out for the App you want to delete and press and and hold the App icon with your finger for a few moments;

  3. Hold your finger until the App icon starts to look like shaking and you will see appear an "X" in the upper left corner of the App icon;

  4. Tab on the "X"-symbol and a popup windows appears asking, if you´re sure deleting the choosen App. Confirm in this screen if you do. The App is going to be deleted and the icon will disappear from your homescreen immediately.

Deleting Windows-Phone Apps:

  1. Go to the Apps-list and choose the App you want to delete;

  2. Press on the App until the context-menu appears showing you a few options to choose from;

  3. Tab the button "de-installation" and confirm in the following popup-windows that you are sure that you want to delete the App;

  4. If you have choosen "Yes" the App will be deleted and is going to disappear immediately from your device. If you want to delete a Games-App you have to follow the above steps by beginning going to the Games-List.

We hope... enjoyed our instructions and we could offer you a little help getting the apps you desire :-)