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Wordscapes review

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About Wordscapes

Wordscapes is a fun word game that combines word search games with crossword puzzles. Players must form words from different letters and place them in the correct place in the crossword puzzle.

With Wordscapes you can playfully expand your vocabulary and challenge your brain. The game skillfully combines the gameplay of popular word-search games with crossword puzzles. At the bottom of the screen different letters are presented to you with which you must form words. Once you have found a word, you must put it in the right place in the crossword puzzle. If you manage to find all the words and solve the crossword puzzle, you have successfully completed the level. In the more than 3700 puzzles you will visit different places such as the forest, the beach or the mountains. As the level of difficulty of the game increases steadily, the game remains challenging even after several puzzles.

Wordscapes - Features:

  • Find words and solve crossword puzzles: Wordscapes features an innovative gameplay that combines the popular word search games with crossword puzzles. At the bottom of the screen are numerous letters in any order. Your task is to use these letters to form different words. Once you have found a word, you must put it in the right place in the crossword puzzle. This is located at the top of the field. The goal is to find all words and complete the crossword puzzle.
  • Visit different places: Wordscapes takes you to different places in more than 3700 puzzles. For example, you will visit the forest, the beach or the mountains in the puzzles.
  • Use hints: If you should not know what to do next and can not form a word out of the letters, you have the opportunity to use hints. Then, for example, the first letter of a word is shown to you.
  • Increasing difficulty: Wordscapes becomes more difficult as the level increases. In the first levels, the game is still quite simple, since only relatively short words have to be formed. In later levels, however, more complex and longer words need to be formed. In addition, the crossword puzzle is getting bigger, so that more words must be found.

Conclusion: Wordscapes offers players an innovative gameplay and a lot of variety. In more than 3700 puzzles, you can easily expand your vocabulary and playfully train your brain

4 of 5 Graphics & Sound
4 of 5 Controlling
4 of 5 Gameplay
5 of 5 All-in-All


Rating: 5.0
Number of voters: 38721
Minimum iOS Version: 9.0
App Version: 1.0.22
App Size: 102 MB
Release: 2017-06-14
Sold by: PeopleFun, Inc.
Features: iosUniversal
Languages: EN
Updated: January 16, 2020
Size: 99M
Installs: 10,000,000+
Current Version: 1.4.2
Requires Android: 4.1 and up
Content Rating: Rated for 12+
Interactive Elements: In-Game Purchases
In-app Products: RUB 59.00 - RUB 7,699.00 per item
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